my debut novel is officially OUT in the WORLD !!!

Hi friends and readers!! Welcome to this very special PUBLICATION DAY edition of my author newsletter. For more info on what this newsletter is, see the about page. For more info on who I am, check out my website.

BURN IT ALL DOWN is finally here!!!

I know so many of you have probably already preordered (THANK YOU SO MUCH), but if you haven’t — you can buy it now anywhere books are sold, in stores or online! First-week sales are crucial to a book’s success, so I would truly be so appreciative if you’d pick up a copy this week. (Even if you don’t have the time to read it right away, you can always pick it up this week and then treat yourself to a thrilling mother/son crime spree during your next summer beach excursion!)

If you read it and love it, I would also be so very grateful if you’d leave a rating/review on Amazon, as reader reviews can be crucial to help a book break through the noise/algorithm. (If you read it and hate it… don’t speak.)

last night’s virtual launch was a literal dream come true

Thank you so much to all who tuned in last night!!! I had such a great time in conversation with the amazing Hannah Orenstein. If last night was your first introduction to her, I highly recommend that you pick up one (or all) of her books along with mine — because you can never have too many messy main characters making questionable decisions in the pursuit of love! Check them out on her website and thank me later.

Northshire will be posting the conversation on YouTube soon, so I’ll be sure to share the link when it’s available!

my radio debut was also a hoot

Ahead of launch yesterday, I had the pleasure of chatting with Joe Donahue on WAMC’s Roundtable program. It was a super fun conversation all about my book, and I didn’t accidentally say “fuck” live on-air even once! (For those who know me, this is a feat.) You can check out a recording of it on Spotify here!

more appearances ahead!

If you missed me last night, not to worry! Below are the remaining stops of my virtual tour, and I’ll keep updating via my website if anything gets added in the coming days/weeks.

As always, THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading/subscribing/sharing!


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happy 30th birthday to Thelma & Louise! also my book launches tonight?!

Hi friends and readers!! Welcome to this LAUNCH WEEK edition of my author newsletter. For more info on what this newsletter is, see the about page. For more info on who I am, check out my website.

I’ll keep this short because my book comes out tomorrow and there will surely be another newsletter coming your way in less than 24 hours.

Thelma & Louise turns 30 today, so I wrote about it

In truly cosmic timing, today marks the 30th anniversary of one of my all-time favorite films, Thelma & Louise. To commemorate the occasion, I wrote for about how the film inspired my own buddy crime spree tale. Check it out here!

(Also on CrimeReads today — Burn It All Down featured in their weekly roundup!)

my book launch!! is!! tonight!!

If you haven’t registered for my virtual book launch yet (which streams live via Zoom tonight at 7pm ET) — you still have time! I promise there will be lots of fun, laughs, wine, and behind-the-scenes conversation about the process of writing and publishing a book. Registration is available HERE via my fantastic local bookstore Northshire Saratoga. (Which will also be selling signed copies of Burn It All Down!)

Below is a graphic with some of my other upcoming launch events — but as always you can check out my website for the full roster of appearances and links.

As always, THANK YOU for reading/subscribing/sharing!


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book trailer!! plus various other updates!

Hi friends and readers!! Welcome to this MAY (aka DEBUT MONTH) edition of my author newsletter. For more info on what this newsletter is, see the about page. For more info on who I am, check out my website.

I’m freaking out over this iconic book trailer

So my debut novel, Burn It All Down, comes out in less than two weeks!!! AHHHH!!! As if the excitement weren’t strong enough already, here’s an exclusive FIRST LOOK at the amazing book trailer my publisher produced — I’m extremely obsessed with it:

I know, right? Every time I watch this trailer I think to myself, “Wow! I really wanna read that fucking book!!!” And then I remember I wrote that fucking book and have indeed already read it a zillion times at this point, which is both a ridiculous and amazing thing to realize while in the throes of book-trailer-induced anticipation.

more buzzzzzzzzz

Burn It All Down has gotten some great mentions since my last newsletter!

  • Logo TV named it one of their “Exciting Queer Books to Savor This Summer.”

  • Lambda Literary listed it in “May’s Most Anticipated LGBTQ Literature.”

  • PopSugar called it a “wild, delightful revenge thriller.”

  • Good Housekeeping (!!) gave it a rave blurb in their Pride reading list. They said:

“Don't try to drink any beverages while reading this laugh-out-loud novel about a mother and son duo who try to exact revenge on their lovers with disastrous results. It's super voicey, entirely too much fun and full of love.”

events update!

The Burn It All Down virtual book launch (in which I’ll be in conversation with the fabulous Hannah Orenstein) is in just 11 days! This event will be streamed live over Zoom, but you have to register for a ticket ahead of time to get the link. If you haven’t registered for a ticket yet, you can do so by clicking here.

And below is an updated list of all events booked so far (for the latest, you can always check my website at any time):

I’d be so happy if you’d tune in to my launch and/or any of the above appearances that might interest you — I promise they will all be very fun!! And as always, THANK YOU for reading/subscribing/sharing!


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book buzz!! plus a first look at my virtual appearance schedule!

Hi friends and readers!! Welcome to this random April edition of my author newsletter. For more info on what this newsletter is, see the about page. For more info on who I am, check out my website.

Before I dive into my upcoming events schedule, I first want to share the below collection of blurbs about my book from fellow authors, trade review publications, and readers of advance copies. Seeing this kind of praise for my work is still so incredibly surreal to me, and I’m so grateful for every bit of it. (Side note: I’m sure the image will get all skrink-y in email format, but you should be able to click on it for a closer look at the text!)

So! Now that Burn It All Down is only 32 days (!!?!?!!!??) away from arriving in stores, I’ll be sending updates somewhat more frequently to ensure I’m giving you the most accurate info on what I’ll be up to during promo time. It’s looking like all events and appearances will be streamed virtually at this point, so I’d love for you to tune in (from the comfort of your home!) to whichever ones might fit your schedule.

I’m especially looking forward to my virtual book launch event on 5/24 (pub day eve!) with my fantastic local indie bookstore, where I’ll be in conversation with the amazing Hannah Orenstein (author of Playing With Matches, Love at First Like, and Head Over Heels — all of which I enthusiastically recommend). I’ll also be heading into the store the morning of publication day to sign copies, so if you’re interested in an autographed copy, you can get one by ordering from the Northshire Saratoga Bookstore website (they will ship to you!) and specifying you’d like a signed copy.

Prior to the launch on 5/24, I’ll be participating in a very special event next Thursday 4/29 with the New Rochelle Library Foundation, which I’m also super excited about because it will be a discussion on LGBTQ+ literature with my dear friend and critique partner Steven Salvatore (whose groundbreaking YA debut about a Mariah-obsessed teen came out last month). The two of us have been through EVERYTHING together with our respective publishing journeys, so it’s going to be such a full-circle moment to actually be participating in a professional discussion together as real authors.

More info (including registration links) for all upcoming appearances can be found on my website and below:

More appearances will be added as events are booked in the coming weeks, so do stay tuned for the next edition of this newsletter. And as always, THANK YOU for reading/subscribing/sharing!


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BURN IT ALL DOWN in Forbes! and other early sightings of my book in the wild

Hi friends and readers! Welcome to my first author newsletter of 2021 — a.k.a. the year in which BURN IT ALL DOWN will finally be released into the world! For more info on what this newsletter is, see the about page. For more info on who I am, check out my website.

As promised in this email’s subject line, I’m so excited to share that I recently chatted with Forbes reporter Rachel Kramer Bussel about my experience (so far) of launching a debut novel during the madness of our current times. Also included are the experiences of five other members of the 2021 Debuts — an online network of fellow debut authors that I’m so lucky and happy to be a part of.

Below is a screenshot from the article, intentionally cropped so that my picture is positioned directly below the Forbes logo, because frankly I’m old and this is the closest I’ll ever get to living out a “Forbes 30 Under 30” fantasy. I’m quoted a few more times in the full post, which you can read here!

Listed below are a few other recent sightings of BURN IT ALL DOWN across the internet:

Not to be a cheesy bitch, but I really am so grateful for the writers, bloggers, and readers who have been helping to create BURN buzz thus far. Like I mentioned in the Forbes piece, it can be a wee bit anxiety-inducing to launch a book these days — pesky feelings of self-doubt, insecurity, paranoia, etc. can bubble to the surface when you least expect them. But every time I see my book pop up somewhere new, I get the biggest rush of excitement and feel like things ARE on the right track and readers WILL be interested in my random ass story about a young mother and her gay son on a wine-fueled crime spree.

On that note! See below for a collage of really cool images of BURN IT ALL DOWN advance copies from a giveaway my publisher organized last month on Instagram (you can see more here, but sadly the giveaway ended mid-Jan):

Okay, I will officially stop spamming you with book content now. (But also — *sniffles* — isn’t my baby just so beautiful in those pictures???)

Thank you so much for reading and subscribing, and I can’t wait to share further updates during these next final months of the path toward publication!


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